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About (forgetting about) capturing life’s moments

I’ve been meaning for this year to make up for me not being able to properly document my life. With that in mind, I received a new camera that is *hopefully* shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof that I can stick into any bag and snap away. However, as I am still the most forgetful person yet. I always find myself facepalming about forgetting to catch that sweet moment between our young cousins, or that funny instance of dignity failing to save the day. Recording milestones and snapping away at gorgeous, unexpected landscapes are my biggest annoyances, when you realize the camera was left in the bag, in the car, or at home.

I’ve been trying my best to record dates, nights out with family or friends, and taking more snaps when going somewhere new and unfamiliar, however exciting or disappointing it might be. A couple of times I’ve been successful at this, taking decent photos at a family event, or finding myself remembering to take a photo of the food before I gobble it down, but mostly, I forget. I’ve forgotten to bring the flash for an evening event so that all the photos are harshly shot. I’ve forgotten to charge the battery to my camera. I’ve forgotten to bring memory cards to three out of town trips leaving my gear useless.

Then again, I never really was one for posing or going anywhere for the photographs. I had a few years of ducking away from photos, hating being included. Even now I have no “angles” or a pose that I automatically revert to. Even now, when people tell me to do a “wacky” pose, I usually end up looking pained, or gassy or nauseous. I’m not really one to run to the front when cameras are clicking, one of the first to volunteer to take the photo for everyone else.

On the other hand, I actually have an adage about trips, which is, if I can update my Facebook or Twitter feed when I’m there, I’m not having enough fun (except for places that are wifi ready everywhere, and I’m waiting for my food to arrive).

So what am I really trying to say? I guess it’s that I’m just a lucky sonofa to be having this much fun. I’m lucky to have the equipment to catch the moments I’m able to catch, and share with the world when I want to.

Do you think you catch enough of your life’s moments?

4 responses to “About (forgetting about) capturing life’s moments”

  1. Sometimes naman you become too busy capturing moments, you miss out on witnessing them, lol. My issue is the opposite of yours. Gotta strike the balance. :))

  2. Hee Mami Riz, yes we need ze balance ahee. I always forget. Sometimes I look at your blog/FB page and think I should be more like ye with moments, you always have them recorded!

  3. That’s why i’d always had my camera phone with me to capture those moments, para wala akong ma-miss! ♥

  4. good for you tala! ako rin may dala, pero madalas nakakalimutan!

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