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What I’m grateful for, week 15/52

I only went to work 3 days this week, but it felt like an insanely packed three days nonetheless. So here’s what I’m grateful for:

1. Another trip around the sun. Since this is my second quarantine birthday, I will count them as both a non-entity and have also 10x aged me more than it should. I am immature, I didn’t say aging has helped me on that end.

2. Birthday surprises. It is no secret that I love birthdays. Not even mine, but everyone I love. I think, as a middle child, and the third one in a month’s time, and fourth in 2 month sequences, people lose momentum when they get to me. So the fact that a few people actually sent over things or just remembered, means a lot.

Gestures count.

3. Cooking more. I was able to cook longganisa from scratch, chili, spaghetti all last week. For fun. I like the instant reward of cooking, and hope to keep being able to do it.

4. Amazing food delivery. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be stuck in lockdown but the fact that most of our favorites have pivoted to delivery options have been a godsend. I have been ordering a ton of Dong Bei dumplings, Cochi Loco food, and found out our old favorite Tokyu can do all deliveries.

5. Pulling off a creating a team from scratch. It was a finicky, weird project that I’m handing over soon, but to pull it off, building the flows, processes, etc is an adrenaline rush. It is still like a newborn baby alien that we don’t know will do, but I can’t wait to build on it. (Also don’t you love the beginning of things when everything is full of promise?)

What are you grateful for?

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