The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life is short, week 21 of 52

Status report: Caffeine withdrawal migraines and regular hives. Aka back home and normal for my old age

Life Is Short moments of the week:

1. Being able to say goodbye, and hug loved ones I haven’t seen the past two years. It feels like a lot of my updates sound dramatic. Long story short, a great aunt passed away last week, and I was driving. We missed her passing by 30 minutes. I was feeling so bad about it, but found our later she hasn’t been conscious in three days.

While it was a sucky reason to finally be able to go home to my mom’s hometown, it was such a blessing to hug and spend time with the family, which we haven’t done since 2020(!). Hopefully no one gets sick so we can keep seeing each other.

2. Spontaneous outings. With my friends being adults (mothers, fathers, grandmothers, caregivers to seniors, etc), it takes so much to plan time together. When it came together suddenly on a Monday it was too good to worry about being awake 26 hours and counting. We ate at 6 places in 4 hours, and laughed until we got tired.

3. Food delivery. Working nights and getting caught up at work, I sometimes forget to eat until I’m almost blacking out from lack of sugar in my system. By then I’m crashing and eating so much sugary junk to catch up. It’s not healthy, and not a great feeling. So when I know I will be home most of the working week and have no time to make food, I get a full week of food delivered. It is a godsend.

Song of the week: OMW (Back Home) by Clara Benin


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