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Life is short, week 31 of 52

Status report: Hives 7 days a week, and now nebulizing my asthma — and got my first inhaler. I need to get my shit together. Or get more sleep. One or the other.

Moments of the week:

1. Learning a new skill. A couple friends came over with a full kit and caboodle and spent most of Saturday teaching me and my sister a new skill — putting on our own makeup. Honestly — was much less stressful than I thought. Can I remake the look without close supervision? That’s yet to be proven. But I did order a mirror because there is a shortage of it in this house. Baby steps. I’ve always enjoyed a smoky eye — and was able to create a brown tinted one successfully. That’s not a small thing for a person who didn’t own foundation (until her sister bought the wrong shade and had to give it to her).

2. A group chat. Honestly, this chat keeps me sane a lot of the time. These are wonderful friends and people I respect. They show up, and are a big part of why I’m still alive and kicking.

3. A great cheese plate. Said cousin from the week before gave us ingredients for a heck of an amazing cheese plate. I always make the ugliest looking ones — but this one was styled by said friend, and actually looked fanfriggingtastic.

Song of the week: Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless


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